Our roots


Est. Kopani, Ioannina, Greece

As a child my brother and I would visit our grandparents in Greece every summer. The ten hour plane ride doesn't quite scream FUN to two young kids, but there was nothing better in the world than traveling to visit our family.


Yia Yia would stuff us with food until we couldn't move, and Papou would tell us to "eat more, we look skinny." Not only did we come home ten pounds heavier, but we gained so much more. The stories we have are timeless, from visiting the ancient Acropolis, to watching the sunset in Santorini. Even on vacation we still gave a hand to our families restaurant. From helping Yia Yia mix the tzatziki, to learning how to wrap the perfect gyro.

We are lucky to call Greece our second home. Although our family still lives there, my husband and I have decided to take all of the culture and memories, and bring it right here in Connecticut. In Yia Yia Rita's honor and recipes, Rita's Pitas will not let you down! 


Nikki Georgiadis